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This was amazing!  I always have had trouble in school, but now know how to remember and retain. Even though I gave you 7 Hrs of my lifetime, you have forever changed my life as a person. Thank You!

Jameson C...High Shool Student


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Who says you can't learn and laugh at the same time?

The Memory Guy

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Carl Messina is regarded as one of America's leading experts in the field of memory development.  He has shared with thousands of business professionals from all walks of life the techniques for developing an instant recall memory with results that can only be described as amazing!   Carl’s insight into developing communication skills has allowed him to integrate the memory techniques into numerous other programs such as sales, marketing and motivation which is what creates the uniqueness of his keynotes.  He conducts a needs analysis, which brings a customized solution with a sense of humor in serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. 

Carl has worked with such well-known speakers as Zig Ziglar, Ed Forman, Vic Conant and Brian Tracy.  He has trained executives from corporations including Xerox, 3-M, Texas Instruments, Aetna, Travelers and many more Fortune 100 companies.   Carl's talks are fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining.  His presentation’s  will alert people to new advances in memory technology as well as gaining insight into how these methods are in direct alignment with helping people achieve both business and personal goals

Carl has also had a tremendous impact in educational settings, having personally trained students and teachers at all academic levels.   He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.  Lively discussion is enhanced with actual demonstrations to make you aware that "There is no such thing as a bad memory, only an untrained one.

The quadratic formula has never been so fun to learn!