Business Professionals Memory Workshop

Welcome, The Scinto Experience, a learning opportunity designed to enhance your mind by learning how to focus your thought process, truly a relationship building life skill…the gift that keeps on giving!

Carl Messina with Invincible Memory Training is regarded as one of America’s leading experts in the field of memory development, organizing the thought process. Learn that there is no such thing as a bad memory, only an untrained memory!  Fortunately there is a solution, “Memory Training”.

Dates: Wednesday, April 10th/17th/24th
Times: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Conference Room

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Why is the workshop taught over 3-weeks?

Business Professionals Workshop is a nine-hour workshop taught over 3 consecutive Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  It’s mental gymnastics, you will be challenged and the mind will absorb only what the seat can endure, thus 3-hour learning modules.  If you cannot commit to all three learning sessions…it may not be in your best interest to attend.

Business Professionals Memory Workshop

Expand your ability to recall information by learning the natural language of our memory. Understand the modalities of the learning process.  Course Objectives: shorten the learning curve while increasing long-term retention and accuracy of information.  When learning we are given “the what to learn and what to remember”, this class is dedicated to teaching “how to learn and how to remember”.

Ideal for business professionals who wish to gain a significant advantage over the competition. Incorporating these strategies into daily practical applications will yield results in retaining more from meetings attended, product knowledge, customer names and all other information pertinent to success.  Professionals in today’s environments are inundated with large amounts of information needed to succeed in today’s world.  Emphasis is placed on teaching specific application to better retain customers’ needs ultimately resulting in better customer relations and most importantly, increased sales, develop stronger relationships by building trust and caring through effective listening and retention. Challenge yourself as you don’t know what you don’t know!  A must for all Professionals.

Topics of Discussion:

Benefits to Business Professionals:

Instructional Modules

The objective of experiential learning is to expand all facets of memory recall using newly applied principles of Mnemonics, the science of memory. The modules of learning for professionals are listed below.

I. Mnemonics – Introduction

The evolution of Mnemonics over the last 2,500 years are discussed and explained on how to use these proven methods of recall to do, be and have more in all facets of your life.

II. Method of Association

Learn closed loop storytelling, specific applications for law, medical and other professional institutions where large amounts of information are needed to be remembered.  Applications of association, when and when not to use.

III. The Mental File Folder System

System of Mental File Folders teaches how to organize the thought process and be able to access information on command just as we do with a computer.  Learn to file fifty or more pieces of dissimilar information into the memory and recall each item in their proper sequence, forwards, backwards, in and out of order.

IV. Abstract and Conceptual Information

Designed for real world application in the business world, specific examples are covered on how to make it fit into your lexicon the language of your business to enhance effective communication, recall, negotiation and business related skills.

V. Platform Speaking and Presentations

Deliver presentations to an individual or a large group without the use of notes, note cards, cheat-sheets or any type of crutch.  A specialized technique enables participants to:

Remember key points of the presentation by modularizing using transitional sentencing

VI. Study Techniques/Mathematical Formulas and Equations

Develop new study habits through the use of mnemonics.  These techniques can be used for increased retention of books, seminars, meetings or continuing education, using these learning strategies can yield significant results in less time with greater retention.

VII. Attitude/Self Confidence/Self-esteem

In all aspects of life there are certain attitudes and characteristic traits which influence a person’s success or failure.  This concept holds true in respect to memory training.  The proper attitude, coupled with a willingness to accept new ideas, will increase the participant’s ability to wield the power which everyone seeks.

VIII. Name Retention / How to Remember Names

The six-step process will be applied by participants.  Once learned participants are given an opportunity to meet and remember as many people in an assimilated mock cocktail setting within a twenty-minute time frame.  The average participant usually remembers between fifteen and twenty-five people’s first and last names.

Participants are provided the opportunity of charting personal results from beginning to end.  Learn a life skill yielding positive results that can only be described as amazing.  Enhance the most precious resource we have, the human mind using the unfair advantage with proven methods of recall.  This class is truly a life changing experience…

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