Spirit of Balance Workshop

DATE:      Mondays, March 22nd, 29th & April 5th & 19th 2021 

TIME:       7:00pm to 8:20pm, EST…


“Karate is the most Zen-like of all the Martial Arts.  It has abandoned the sword.  This means that it transcends the idea of winning and losing to become a way of thinking and living for the sake of other people in accordance with the way of Heaven.  Karate that has discarded Budo has no substance.  It is nothing more than a barbaric method of fighting or a promotional tool for the purpose of profit.  No matter how popular it becomes, it is meaningless.”  MAS  OYAMA

Who can Benefit?

Goal to Achieve:   


This 5-½…hour workshop is ideal for those looking to create Positive change and gain a significant understanding of what drives awareness, emotions and decision making.  The objective is to integrate the essence of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s 11 Motto’s which were written as Koan’s,  a riddle or paradoxical antidote used to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning in an attempt to evoke enlightenment.  The 11 Mottos were based on Oyama’s studies of Miyamato Musashi who was 16th century Japanese Samurai, philosopher, strategist and writer renown for having had 61 undefeated duels.  Musashi was refered to as Kensei, a sword Saint most famous for writing “Go Rin no Sho” or “The Book of Five Rings” which is a revered reading in the Japanese culture.

Mnemonics the natural language of our memory is used to expand one’s ability to recall the Bushido code concerning Samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle as understood by Oyama’s 11 Mottos.   Daily application of these virtues using enhanced retention allows the calming of the Spirit, thus emptying our cup of emotional conflict in pursuit of seeking the truth through Spiritual knowledge or insight.  The result is a Positive change of our Mindset allowing for better decisions and aspirations for a better life. When we detach we become the observer, giving more clarity with an objective viewpoint.  Truly a life skill for Positive change!

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama believed karate was budo, a path toward self-perfection.  Spirit of Balance is to enhance the triangle of life; Mind, Body and Spirit using Sosai’s 11 Motto’s which have been central to his Budo philosophy Contemplation is the essence of each virtue and how these characteristic traits can influence Positivity into your life through awareness and understanding.   Change is the biggest challenge of humanity, yet if designed through realization and taken in steps of moderation, reward and result will increase self-confidence…thus enhancing one’s quality of life.   Move the head the Body must follow, adjust your thoughts your actions will follow.  What is quality of life, health, happiness and spiritual harmony of living a life by design not chance.   The gift of the Universe is life, our gift back, is how we live and what we do with our life…Osu!  Shihan Carl Messina Osu!

Requirement:  An Open-Mind…

Why is the workshop taught over 3-weeks with a 14-day Review?

The Spirit of Balance is a five and a half-hour workshop taught over 3 consecutive Mondays from 7:00 to 8:20pm., with the accountability follow-up 14 days after.  It’s mental gymnastics, you will be challenged with each learning module.

Learning Modules

Memory Training

The objective of experiential learning is to expand all facets of memory recall using newly applied principles of Mnemonics, the science of memory. The modules of learning are listed below.

  1. Introduction of Mnemonics and Association

The evolution of Mnemonics are discussed and explained on how to use these proven methods of recall to do, be and have more in all facets of your life.  Learn closed loop storytelling, specific applications where large amounts of information are needed to be remembered.

III. The Mental File Folder System

System of Mental File Folders teaches how to organize the thought process and be able to access information on command just as we do with a computer.  Learn to file fifty or more pieces of dissimilar information into the memory and recall each item in their proper sequence, forwards, backwards, in and out of order.

  1. Attitude/Self Confidence/Self-esteem

In all aspects of life there are certain attitudes and characteristic traits which influence a person’s success or failure.  This concept holds true in respect to memory training.  The proper attitude, coupled with a willingness to accept new ideas, will increase the participant’s ability to wield the power which everyone seeks.


Emphasis is placed on specific application for retention of Sosai’s 11 Mottos.

The workshop will expand your ability to recall effectively on command the virtues which drive the emotions of our Character by introducing the natural language of our memory.   Course objectives shall be to introduce a systemized approach to learning in order to shorten the learning curve and increase long-term retention.  In school we are given “what to learn and what to remember”, this class is dedicated to teaching “how to learn and how to remember” the necessary steps for Positive change.  Once the basics of retention are learned, change can begin to take place in contemplation of the virtues and how they are related to Life.

Students chart personal results from beginning to end.  Learn a life skill yielding positive results that can only be described as amazing.  Enhance the most precious resource we have, the human mind using the unfair advantage of proven methods of recall.  Truly a life changing experience…

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Note:  Upon request In-house workshops for Individual Dojos are available.  Please contact for more information.   OSU! 

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