Physiology of the Mind and Body

April 25, 2018 12:14 pm

Have you ever wondered why certain individuals can light up a room the minute they stroll in, while others maintain an attitude of having the PLOM disease? You know it as the Poor Little Old Me syndrome. What is it that differentiates these two people, is it in their mind that creates our interpretation or feelings about that person? Or, is it their body posture that carries the attitude. I would have to say it’s a combination of both, the mind and body.

They say, “your body is the temple of your mind”; they work in succinct with one other. Therefore, if you’re feeling down and out, emotionally distraught, you can change the way your feeling by changing your physical stature to a more confident, erect, body posture. Likewise, if you’re physically drained, from a psychological standpoint you can bring yourself up by changing your mental state of mind.

The law of the Universe states, “nothing changes until you change, once you change everything around you will change”. It’s the situation or experience that we allow to control us as opposed to us controlling the situation. Realize that we can control our minds and enhance them with our physical presence and a positive mental attitude.

We are all made of energy which creates auras…these auras can be either made up of positive or negative energy balls. Have you ever been down and out feeling as though nothing can go right in your life and the more you try you continue to spiral out of control? That’s because your mind is focusing on worse case scenario’s thereby attracting negative energy to you like a magnet. Now let’s change the scenario, when things are going great and life appears to be heading in the right direction, we are emotionally charged with a positive energy which emanates from our feelings, thus attracting the positive things in our life. Then a challenge hits like a meteorite which shatters our positive energy…you have two choices. Don’t major in the minors, pick up your boot straps and turn it into a positive or spiral out of control thus allowing more negative energy to attract more meteorites into our world. As Earl Nightingale has so eloquently shared, “you become what you think about”.

So, look for the positive in everything you do, be thankful for who you are and what you have. Life is not about what happens to us as much as it is about how we deal, react and emanate what we will attract with our emotional energy. It all starts with you, seize the day in a positive way using affirmations to bring you up when your down and keep you up when you’re up.