April 25, 2018 12:14 pm

Congratulations, you have just been notified by your boss that you earned the Top position of Sales person of the year. Your personal sales volume for the year exceeded quota by 17%. The annual three day Sales Convention that your company facilitates has now turned into an extra seven days of vacation with all expenses paid for you and your family to enjoy as part of your recognition bonus. You immediately call your spouse and share the great news.

It’s the last day at work before your scheduled flight to Hawaii; your boss comes into your office to share how proud the entire staff is of your accomplishments. Imagine, out of all seven hundred and eighty three sales people attending this year’s convention, your number one. By the way, did I mention we have a guest speaker this year? You turn to your boss, who is it? A bright eyed grin flashes across your boss’s face as he looks at you and says, “You”. What do you mean, you ask? This year the company decided they wanted to motivate the sales force by hearing from one of there own. So I suggested you, I mean who better to hear from than our number one salesperson, right! Now I know you’ll do a great job and by the way, you’ve got thirty minutes to speak.

Anxiety, cold sweats, erratic heart beat, uncontrollable thought process. Unfortunately for most individuals, these are the symptoms’ associated with public speaking, the number one fear in America. If this is you, don’t despair, there are techniques and speaking strategies that allow people to gain a confidence in their speaking abilities. The main reason for fear of speaking is losing control. You must learn the strategies and apply the techniques; this will put you in control of the situation as opposed to the situation controlling you.