The Strangest Secret

April 25, 2018 12:16 pm

Earl Nightingale produced an album years ago entitled the “The Strangest Secret”. Today, many are referring to this methodology as the law of attraction.

Have you ever experienced situations in your life whereby know matter what you did, whether it was pertaining to your job, your relationship or any other endeavor you could do know wrong, things just seemed to magically go your way. You were on a high point in your life which could not be explained.

If you look back on that experience and analyzed your thought process I would venture to guess your thought pattern that translated into a positive physical manifestation of your surrounding situations was filled with optimism. Your physical stature was one of confidence, attitude and unification of mind, body and soul.

The reverse side of that experience is when know matter what you do, try or think about, manifests into a negative situation. When negativity appears in our lives and we try to overcome these emotional or situational challenges by thinking positive, and we don’t get the results we are looking for, we must look deeper from within. We as human beings think logically and wish for a positive change, but emotionally we think and dwell about the negative situation we wish to change. Our true internal burning desires of our thoughts are not of what we want, but of what we don’t want to happen. Worry is negative goal setting or the misuse of our imagination. Thus, what we dwell on attracts the end result.

The Strangest Secret is “we become what we thing about”. What we dwell upon, positive or negative will eventually manifest into itself into our lives. So when you’re looking for a change, think about the positive and create an emotional experience, a burning desire as if you have already accomplished this change into a real manifestation of your life. Feel it, believe it emotionally and manifest it into your life.